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With a great location halfway up Sweden at 62.4 degrees north, Sundsvall is the natural capital of Norrland with a wonderful valley setting along the Selångerån River on a natural bay protected from the extremes of the Baltic Sea by the island Alno, a bridge-connect suburb of the city.

The natural valley is formed by Norra Berget (North Mountain) and Sodra Berget (South Mountain) provides two focal points for the city of 54,000 (92,000 in the municipality) which is big enough for ‘city life’ but not too big to lose its country feel.

Sundsvall provides the perfect base for exploring the High Coast (Höga Kusten) to the north of Sundsvall and Östersund to the west and further into Jämtland and the mountains like Äre near the Norwegian border.

Sundsvall Christmas

Like the rest of Sweden and Scandinavia, Christmas in Sundsvall is steeped in tradition – and not the prefabricated type of traditions that many outside of Europe experience. Christmas here is a wonderful affair including Lyslördag, a parade through...

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Norra Berget - Sundsvall

The Norrlands coastal town of Sundsvall is beautifully set between two mountains, Norra Berget (to the north and Södra Berget to the south, each with their own unique qualities and reasons to visit. Norra Berget features a magnificent open air...

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Midsommar - Sundsvall

With a long winter behind them, Scandinavians celebrate the summer solstice (longest day and shortest night) with Midsommar celebrations. It also marks the beginning of the traditional 5 week summer holiday that sees the cities emptied as the Swedes...

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Sundsvall Photography

Sundsvall, considered the capital of Norrland (Northern Sweden) and beautifully set on the Selångerån River running between Norra Berget (North Mountain) and Södra Berget (South Mountain). With a very pretty town centre, magnificent...

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